Thursday, March 19, 2009

So its been a while, lots going on these days. I had a test over neurological functions, brain injuries, strokes, and anything to do with spinal injuries. Lots of stuff. I did pass, whew. Kevin has been busy with our very successful men's basketball team...yeah Baylor. They won last night to send them to the next round in the NIT tournament. I know it sounds like I know what I am talking about, but really I am just remembering our conversation about how all this works. LOL. Sloan had a birthday on Tuesday, she looked so cute in her obligatory birthday crown, green and white faux braids and green shirt. I just can't believe my baby is so big. This Saturday I am off work (thank the lord) and hosting a party for Sloan at the local bowling alley. I am so excited for her, but nervous all in the same breath. For those who have heard my soap box schpeel about birthday parties know that this is a big deal for me. We are having lots of family come into town, my brother Kaleb from Oregon and his girlfriend Lindsey, my grandparents from Hereford, and my cousin, her husband and 3 kiddos from near Austin! We are so fortunate to have family nearby!!!! Here are some pictures from her day at school, the 2 other little cuties are Emma, who is in Sloan's class, and her little sister Lily. How cute are they???

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Burke Family said...

Happy Birthday girly girl!!! Hey, I never did hear more about the shirt(s) Kevin designed, you should post about that! What a cool thing he does! Can't wait to partake in the birthday festivities! Love ya!