Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentines day

The picture doesn't do these valentines day cards justice but these are the valentines that sloan will be handing out Friday. She choose 4 different prints of scrap booking paper that were love/valentines day related. She traced them and I cut them with pinking sheers. The white label in the center is also cut with pinking sheers and says:

"you make my heart glow"

taped to the back across the heart is a glow stick (thank you heather for letting me know you get them at target). Then we hot glued glitter hearts to the ends. I found this idea when I googled "creative valentines day cards". So many to choose from but Sloan decided that this one was "way cool". Yay, I am cool, at least for one more day. Hope everyone feels the love this valentines day, I know I do.

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Burke Family said...

Those are SOO cute!!! You are so creative!