Saturday, March 12, 2011

move over Paula Dean

So a few weeks ago we showed Sloan how to make scrambled eggs, pancakes and sausage on the griddle. She made her own dinner a few days in a row using her new found cooking skills and its amazing how she will eat dinner WITHOUT complaining when she makes it! So we've been encouraging her to make her own meals or cook for us with supervision. Seems to be working out nicely!

With that being said, you know that feeling you get while you're asleep and you feel as though someone is watching you, you wake up to find a 7 year old with a freshly prepared breakfast for you in hand standing 3 inches from your face "wondering if you're awake or not".? Well, sweet Sloan took it upon herself to make Kevin and I breakfast in bed. She had gotten up (had to of been around 7am) cracked, beat and scrambled eggs, made pancakes from a box, and cooked sausage and bacon on the griddle, put her creation on plates and served us breakfast in bed.

Today she made a Huffine favorite "the hobo" which is scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon (and or sausage, we just didn't have any sausage) and cheese all mixed together. Quite yummy! Last week she made a chocolate cream pie with me, although I really didn't do too much other than get the sugar out of the cabinet for her. I have such fond memories of "helping" my mom and dad in the kitchen, baking and licking the bowl. With any luck she will too!

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