Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping up with the Huffines

I thought I would try my hand at "blogging"...we shall see how this goes.  I think I will try to use this as a way to update friends and family on what is going on in our lives.  I do not want to replace phone calls or those sparse letters that occasionally do get sent out with this, however, it is nice for those that we do not talk to on a regular basis to know what is going on!  Here is the quickie up date.  Sloan is 5 and will be starting kindergarden in T minus 15 days.  YIKES!  We always knew this day would come, but never believed it would get here so fast!  She is very excited and ready for her new adventures.  Kevin and I are just trying to hold back the tears.  Kevin is working at Baylor and is ready for football season to start--go sooners!  He is very attentive to our family's needs and enjoys home "projects" to do around the house.   I am starting my second (out of four) semester of nursing school.  Everyday is a juggling act at our house but we like it that us something to talk about later that night.  Hopefully, I will be diligent and keep up on this!

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