Thursday, August 28, 2008

our little thundercub

Sloan started her first day of school on Tuesday. For the weeks leading up to this monumental day, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. The school supply shopping, picking out a lunch box, choosing the perfect backpack....oh, so important. After all that, we got to meet her teacher. Miss Kubala, she seems very sweet and quite organized!

On the first day, it was so awesome! There was a red carpet rolled out for the K students to the K wing and the teachers and staff were the "paparazzi" with cameras and clapping, cheering. As she strutted her stuff down the red carpet (we were watching at the end) she turns to us and says, " bye mom and dad!" I had to run up to her and explain that we wanted to walk her all the other parents were doing! We got to her room and the moms and dads are situating the kids in the desks and saying their good-byes and she stops at the door and said she can go in by herself. So reluctantly, we said goodbye at the door. And I cried all the way to the car. We are so proud of her independence and confidence but it just makes it harder as well.

Sloan is sent home with a daily folder with homework or information for the parents to sign and return. I never felt so much like an adult as I did yesterday when I had to sign her behavior chart. Sloan is quite proud to have 2 days in a row with a green smiley face. (that is good) The smiley faces range in color from green (good), blue (for exceptionally good decisions that day), yellow, orange, and red. Needless, to say Sloan is so determined to stay with green or of course blue. She told me someone already got a red sad face and had to see the principle....we should pray for Miss Kubala. :)

I will post first day of school pictures too and keep updating as much as possible!

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