Monday, January 26, 2009

In true Herring fashion

I started this blog as a way for family to keep up with "the huffine's", and in true herring fashion, I have not been diligent in posting. Hopefully, that will change today! We have been busy little bees here lately and enjoying almost every minute of it.

Sloan is in a basketball league, she is so enthusiastic about playing and learning new skills. It is so amazing to see her develop this way. We think sports is so important in teaching sportsmanship, playing fair, following direction from the coach (who is a god send), and in eliminating the infinite amount of energy this child has! It was a little intimidating on the first day of practice when the coach says, "alright, lets start with layups", GULP, my child doesn't even have dribbling down pat! In the end, the layup still needs a little work, but Sloan is dribbling like a regular Harlem globtrotter.

Kevin is very excited that baseball season is approaching, he lives, eats, and breathes baseball. Its fun to watch him get all excited about these games. He and Coach Smith have a special relationship, all I can say is boys will be boys. Of course he (we) were let down when Oklahoma didn't win the national championship, but we still have the new york mets!

School for me is in full swing, the opprotunities that I am exposed to daily at work and school are just amazing. I spend a lot of time studying, although it never seems that I've done it enough. A friend of mine, Angie, has a great blog and has inspired me to keep this up. Also, my cousin Heather is constantly keeping me laughing with stories and pictures of her day to day life as a mom of 3. I figure if they have time, I can make time!


Angie said...

Awww, thanks for mentioning me, Kristen. Had lots of fun this morning!

Burke Family said...

Look how quick people are eager to read! You already have two comments! I love keeping up with the Huffines! Keep it up!