Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Left Handedness

I have no idea why I thought about how much I enjoy being left handed, but here I am....I wasn't always happy to be left handed though. It started in 2nd grade when my teacher told me I was stupid and she MADE me write with my right hand, then criticize how bad my handwriting was. Well, it doesn't matter what hand I write with, its still bad! :)

I googled some info on being left handed and found out only 13% of the WHOLE world is left handed, but only 4% of that 13% are women. We left handed women are rare and special! Left handed (back in the day) was looked on as "broken" or associated with evil. Come to find out, nowadays left handed people are highly sought after in the sports world. Since almost 90% of the people are right handed, they aren't ready to deal with us lefties when we come up to bat, or throw a pitch, we are at an advantage! Left handed people have infiltrated the arts as well.

Also, even though we are the minority, we are survivors. Since we do have to adapt to a righty world, this has lead us to be more resilient and adaptive to change. Some famous lefties are Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Joan of Arc, Jimi Hendrix, 7 US presidents, H.G. Wells, Kurt Kobain and Hellen Keller.

Now, hold your head high, Lefties! We have much to be proud of...apparently anyone can be a righty, not everyone can be left handed.


Angie said...

Lefties Rock!! I love this post!

Burke Family said...

My Mother-in-law, Step-mother, and Step-sister are all lefties! Obama is left handed, and I thought I heard something like the last four presidents were left handed. I actually didn't realize you were! Love ya!