Sunday, February 22, 2009

star wars gal

So for valentines day I got Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI. I am so excited that Sloan is wanting to watch these movies with me! Growing up, these movies were my favorite of all time and still are! There are so many good memories of watching these movies at home with my mom and dad. I always thought I could be like Princess Leia, she is so strong and independant yet feminine. I think she is a great role model for little girls, be strong, stand up for what you believe in!

I also had the biggest crush on Luke Skywalker, who didn't? Watching them now, I am like, "what was I thinking?" but Sloan said he was cute...the tradition lives on.

I am watching the Oscars becuase there is NOTHING else on, and I could care less about the awards. I can't even go to the movies without falling asleep before the climax of the movie. We subscribe to Nexflix which is nice, we get all the new releases and without late charges, get to keep them for as long as we need. I can get through about 15 minutes of a movie before falling asleep on the couch or bed. After 4-5 days, Kevin just gives up on me finishing it and returns the movie. I just get the update on what happened from him. My goal is to finish a whole movie before I turn 30. LOL.


Sam said...

I love it, Princess Leia as a role model -- see what fun things we can use as reasons to watch movies we like, as parents?

I think Star Wars would scare my lil girl to death, but I love that you get to share something you love with yours... your blog is great, by the way!

Burke Family said...

Maybe they will come out with another Star Wars and you can watch the whole thing before you are 30.

Burke Family said...

btw, cute background! ;-) And I won 30 bucks on Oscar night - Kristall had a party and I had guessed the most winners!