Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I just wanted to share how special my family is to me. This week started off with a test over the cardiovascular system and oh so many diseases/disorders and so on....I have dedicated much time and effort into studying for this test. Unfortunately, I did not preform as well as I had wanted. I came home Monday night in tears and shut myself up in my room until the next morning only to still be in my "funk", very emotional.

As I am sitting on the couch sobbing, Kevin tells me he has never seen me like this. I told him I was tired, emotionally tired, physically tired, just plain tired. I was tired of having to pick myself up and get back on the horse only to be knocked down again. I was tired of not being able to spend time with my family, go to t-ball practices, Texas Ranger games, having hobo breakfasts on the weekend with Sloan and Kevin. He encouraged me, reinforcing that he and Sloan (and everyone else) is behind me 100% and believe in my dream.

My mom calls and I am too emotional to even talk to her, I am just so disappointed in myself, all my efforts seem for nothing. I have never felt like this before, I even emailed my advisor telling her I am not sure I am going to be able to feel motivated to go on, my drive is gone. This is where my mom initiates "no herring left behind". I can just see her sending out a APB text to the family "kristen is down, she needs encouraging" and so the calls and text messages begin. I am doing a clinical in the ER and my phone is blowing up with encouraging messages, prayers, and even Kaleb is telling me about this girl in his class who Shusshed him and called him an asshole...poor guy.

Needless to say, I met with my advisor, I am back on the horse (with drive) and ready to conquer High risk OB/pediatric congenital heart defects/ hematology and more. Thanks to my wonderful family, who I would be so lost without. I appreciate your encouraging words and absolutely needed them, I know I can accomplish my goal and its so nice to know you think so too!

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Burke Family said...

I am sure you didn't do THAT bad! I am glad you are back on your horse! You can and WILL succeed! I love the "no Herring left behind", you do have such a special family! Love you!