Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sloan, the not so secret shopper

My mom came into town today for a job interview (keep your fingers crossed, will keep you updated) and after the interview we went out for a margarita and talk. After 1 margarita we took off to the mall with Sloan and Kenda as well. We make a B-line to Victoria's Secret (store credit card in hand) and this is where Sloan excels as a personal shopper. Here are a few one liners that we and other shoppers heard:

"no, you're not a medium, I think you're a large....ma'am."
"can I help you find something ma'am?"
"these are hot"
"the lady at the counter can check you out when you're done"
"here are all the mediums "(as she pulls out EVERY drawer that holds mediums)

This isn't just at VS, its at Target, HEB, Walmart...she is such a good personal shopper always wanting to attend to my needs. We were at Target once, momma needed to get out of the house so I went to my home away from home. Sloan was having a difficult time at home with good behaviors and I was up to here (3 feet above forehead). As we are walking around, she is asking me "ma'am, what can I help you find today?" so I creatively said " I am looking for good behaviors, we ran out at home and I really could use some for my little girl." WITHOUT missing a beat she replies, "we are all out, maybe next time they will be in stock."....all I could do was give her a hug and laugh.


Burke Family said...

I really need a personal shopper, since I do not like to shop! Maybe because I usually have three kids in tow! Cute post! LOVE the new look of the blog!

Sam said...

I love it... I need some 'good behaviors' for my little girl too - if Target is out, I wonder where I could get some ;o)

I have pictures for you, from track and field day or wahtever it was, of Sloan... I still need to download them, but I did TAKE some for you!