Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mom, waterworks, and a little graduate

Today Sloan graduated Kindergarten, sniff...sniff. I knew I was going to be emotional, but nothing can really prepare oneself for your only child walking across a stage in a red gown and mortar to the "graduation anthem". I just saw Sloan's life flash before my eyes and thinking about looking back to this moment when she graduates high school, goes to prom, goes to college, etc....I decided that I will be needing a lifetime supply of Prozac just to get through these sentinel events. She just happened to be the cutest graduate on stage (in my humble opinion) and after I greeted her in her Kindergarten room one last time only to break down in tears once again. Kenda, the best sister ever and who had a grasp of the situation at hand came prepared with kleenex. Kevin of course held me as I wept, sniffed snot, then wept some more. He knows I wear my heart on my sleeve and knew that today would be quite the emotional one for me. He definitely was my shoulder to cry on, literally and figuratively. As I left the school I called my mom who couldn't be there, as usual she comforted me like she always has since I was an infant. I hope I can be half of the mother to Sloan that my mom has been to me and still continues to be even after I have inched into adulthood. I rely on my mom for so many things. She reassures me on parenting skills, gives the BEST advice ever and knows exactly when I need a pick me up phone call or a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make me feel better. So Sloan is off to Oklahoma today with Ibbie and Phil until Sunday. I am SUPPOSED to be studying.....but right now I am going to enjoy the quiet evening with Kevin!

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Burke Family said...

Sloan is lucky to have such an amazing Mom, and it sounds like you are blessed to have such a wonderful sister, husband and mother! I think every Mom has probably felt that "flash before your eyes" feeling about their child, but I REALLY enjoyed reading about it in your blog entry! Love you!