Friday, July 3, 2009

chloe lynn

we have a new addition to our little family these days, chloe lynn. she is a 2 year old doxen that my parents adopted and we are dog sitting while they are in ireland. chloe's favorite things to do in no particular order:
1. cuddle
2. lick your face
3. roll on her back and get scratched
4. chase birds

she is such as sweet dog and sloan and her are best buds. when kevin tickles her and sloan starts laughing real hard, chloe runs up to her, jumps on the couch and barks/growl es at kevin to protect sloan. too funny. they pretty much are inseparable these days. she also loves to run around outside and chases all the birds. the funniest thing is when chloe leaves our yard, all we hear is sloan yelling at the top of her lungs, "CHLOE LYNN get over here" in the most hick southern accent you can imagine.

we took chloe to the lake with kenda and her dog canaan along with some other dogs. all the other dogs are out in the lake fetching balls and all we see it chloe run and jump into the lake doing a belly flop. i am still laughing about this. at the lake we refer to her as "coach chloe" because she is constantly barking at the other dogs "telling" them out to swim, when to get out of the lake and so on....quite the personality for such a little thing. we have enjoyed having her around and will be sad to give her back to mom and dad.

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