Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the best of both worlds

Sloan put on a concert tonight, a Hanna Montana concert that is. She sang 2 numbers, "fly on the wall", and "best of both worlds". If I can get my head wrapped around where I downloaded the videos I will post them, they are one word....hysterical! great black mail material later on down the road. She dressed up in her best concert atire and put her best face on.

Last week she beegggggged me for some play make up and I allowed her to choose 2 items: lipstick and eyeshadow. Needless to say she choose a "hooker" purple lipstick and a "i am a tramp" purple eyeshadow...I had to reinforce the rule of not leaving the house under any circumstance wearing this make up.

Tonight she has been quite the entertainer, not only did she put on a concert, but autographs were given after the show. Also, the going ticket price was 5cents, best deal in town.

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Burke Family said...

Made me laugh! I would have paid $5 to see the show - and a bonus autograph!