Wednesday, December 1, 2010

one small step....

So....yes I am alive. NO exuse whatsoever on the whole blogging situation but here I go again, or at least a good solid attempt.

I wanted to share some news.....

I am now enrolled at Baylor University. YEAH! I decided I wanted to go back to school a while ago and with the support of Kevin I FINALLY got all my paperwork in. (nothing like procrastinating) It is very humbling this whole application process. I hate failing, at anything...scrabble, games, being a good mom/wife/nurse/friend, etc.... so the thought of putting myself out there at the risk of failing again was a challenge. So, anyways, my goal is to get a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish. Since working as a nurse I see a HUGE need in this department. At any given time I know and expect to be taking care of someone who speaks limited english and how am I supposed to effectively communicate with my patient if I can't even ask them basic questions such as "where does it hurt", "tell me more"....(for the record I have mastered some very important questions in spanish)

So my goal is to learn and to be fluent in spanish so that I can be the best nurse I can be, have more opprotunities ahead of me, and hopefully take this home to Kevin and Sloan. Also, noone will see this little white girl who is fluent in spanish coming at them....I'll take em all by surprise.

Sic 'em bears!

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