Saturday, August 22, 2009

summer summary

Quick update about this summer.....

Kristen-summer off from school, worked and experienced some wonderful/educational experiences at the hospital. Keeping up with my running, even broke down and bought new running shoes!

Kevin-football is underway, very excited about Baylor and their anticipated success. Going to Austin City Limits and is on the countdown. Has a blog updated each tuesday :

Sloan- toothless, lost top 2 and bottom 2 without any permanent teeth yet....looks funny, hopefully pictures to come. found out she likes to fish, caught a small catfish with my parents. LOVES to swim, is a daredevil jumping off the diving board at the pool doing cannonballs, belly flops and anything else that can possibly make a splash. very excited about starting school. last week she told me, "mom, I am totally freakin' out about school".

Most favorite moments this summer is taking the dogs (chloe and canaan) to the lake, sloan throwing the ball for canaan to catch only to have chloe fight canaan for it...
Even though this was one of the most memorable summer, I am eager to start back to school. Only 4 months left for me then I graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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