Monday, October 19, 2009

bad blogger

Dear all those who read this,

I have fallen off this wagon so many times, thank you for being patient with me! Life is busy, busy, busy. Sloan is loving and doing super in 1st grade! She is coming home with homework that I am having to email the teacher about (cv/vc--what the hell is that?) Kevin set a Baylor attendance record at the Texas A&M volleyball match with over 3,000 people! We are ready for basketball season for sure! I just took my LAST test (with exception to my final and state boards) today and will start my preceptorship on Friday. This is where for 120 hours I follow a nurse, this serves as a transition into practicum as a RN. I will be in the ICU (super excited about this) and ready to learn! The weather is heavenly, couldn't ask for anything better! I have been working lots in the ER and seeing so many crazy things....the human body is amazing! Here is the CUTEST picture of Sloan, my brother Keegan took it this weekend and so thankful for that. ( I am HORRIBLE at getting pictures taken, or even remembering the camera) Have a great week!

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Angie said...

Love the photo, Kristin! Thanks for the sweet note on fb. :)