Monday, May 10, 2010

Feelin' the love

Not that I don't feel loved the other 364 days of the year, but I was overwhelmed yesterday on Mothers Day. I am so lucky to be Sloan's mom! She is caring, compassionate, funny, creative, onery, independent, passionate, loving, and cute as hell! She made me a book, here are some questions that were asked and her answers:

1. what are mothers for-"to take care of me"
2. how do you help your mother?- "clean the car and help her do the dishes" (this is true she does love to load that dishwasher)
3. if you had $100 what would you buy your mother? -"cake and earrings" (i do have an abnormal love for cake)

then she wrote me a letter, the waterworks were on full force

"Dear Mom,
You are the best in the whole wide world. Thank you for taking care of me, for helping me with homework, for cooking me dinner, for buying clothes for me, for taking me to school, for giving me hugs and kisses. You are the greatest mom ever.
Love, Sloan"

Little does she know that 90% of that list is required by the state of Texas, but of course I am not going to tell her that!

The last page is a "diploma" for being the best mom ever. Its so funny to me that she feels this way because I am constantly thinking in my head, "kristen you've got to get yourself together", or "is this what other moms are doing", or "please let this just be a phase", "just keep swimming, just keep swimming", "its gotta get better". But for just a brief second in time all these thoughts went on pause and a sigh of relief went through my body. She has no clue that I'm thinking this, chalk one up for me!

All in all, I had the best mothers day ever! Breakfast in bed, dinner made, all my wants and needs met! So thank you to Kevin and Sloan for making Mothers Day wonderful and so very special!

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